ITASCA CARES “lends a local hand” in four different ways that
complete the Itasca Continuum of Care. 

Itasca Food Pantry

provides food for individuals and families in need.

Itasca Walk-In Ministry

provides financial assistance for basic needs to individuals and families who qualify.

Itasca Homeless Shelter

provides people who are homeless a place to eat and sleep one Tuesday night a week from October through April (7 pm to 7 am).

Itasca Community Outreach Team

offers individualized support for vetted local families in extreme need by involving local churches and resources.

Megan Sheridan coordinates the Itasca Food Pantry with support from Ellen Glatz among others. Megan and Ellen volunteer and are Board members of the Itasca Walk-In Ministry.

Erik Engel coordinates the Itasca Homeless Shelter with support from Ellen.

The three Itasca Christians observed that there was an urgent need in the Itasca continuum of care and created the Itasca Community Outreach Team (ICOT).