Itasca Food Pantry

Hunger is exploding.

No one wants to believe hunger is a problem where they live, but the reality is, hunger is in every area no matter how big or small. In 2009, nearly 1 in 10 Illinois residents received emergency food.

If you are a resident of Itasca and need help, please visit us at the Itasca Food Pantry. Bring a valid photo ID for services.

Saturday, 9 am - 11 am

336 West Center St.
Itasca, IL 60143



Greater Itasca Food Pantry is now a 501(c)(3)
In 2014, the Greater Itasca Food Pantry applied for and was granted its charitable status as a 501(c)(3). All donations to the Food Pantry are tax deductible. You may request an official acknowledgement of your donation at the time it is made. All we need is information about the donor: name, address, amount of donation or approximate value of in-kind donation.

Do you serve hot meals at pantry?
No, we provide food for families to take home and cook. The Itasca Homeless Shelter provides hot meals to the homeless.
Where do I go to get food?
Our street address is 336 W. Center Street. You can come every other Saturday morning from 9 am - 11 am
Do I need to register to get food?
Yes, there is a two-page registration form. Please bring your Illinois driver’s license or State ID to verify that you are a current resident of Itasca.

How You Can Help

Volunteering at the pantry

The Greater Itasca Food Pantry was founded in 1993. It was run entirely by volunteers who were committed to serving people in need. We are proud to say this is still true today.

More than 20 years later volunteers continue to play a critical role in providing food to more than 80 families each month. We draw volunteers from local churches, schools, businesses, and the community at large. The volunteers' passion and commitment to serving those in need unites us in the fight against hunger.

Join the Greater Itasca Food Pantry volunteer team today! Please sign up to join us on Saturday from 8:30 am - 11 am at your convenience. If you are part of a group of four or more people interested in volunteering, or wish to schedule a large group during the week (Monday thru Friday), please call us at 630-607-9943 ahead of time. 

2017-2018 Volunteering Hours

Total hours of all volunteers
When and where should I volunteer?
Our address is 336 W. Center St. (Location does not have a mail box. All mail must go to PO Box 202, Itasca, IL 60143) Come to volunteer at 8:30 am on Saturday morning. Please sign up to volunteer.
What should I wear?
Please wear closed toed shoes and attire that is weather appropriate. We operate out of a municipal garage that does not have air conditioning (wear shorts and tank tops in the summer). In the winter, we often make trips out to the dumpsters that requires us to open a large garage door exposing you to the elements. Dressing in layers to be flexible based on the task is recommended.
What will I be doing at volunteering location?
We have a variety of tasks including serving clients, date checking inventory, putting items on shelves, and cleaning duties. It’s a lot of team work.
How long do I volunteer?
For two and half hours if you are available, from 8:30 am - 11 am
How do I schedule a group to volunteer?
If you are part of a group of four or more people interested in volunteering, please call us at 630-607-9943 to schedule your group.

Donate Food

Donors who occasionally have 100 pounds or more of food can schedule a pick-up on an as-needed basis. If you have a donation that you would like picked up, please call us at 630-607-9943. We request a 24 to 48-hour notice.

Donation guidelines:
The Greater Itasca Food Pantry has strict food safety guidelines for the food that we accept. We gratefully accept perishable and prepared foods maintained in safe temperature zones and chilled or frozen before being donated. Donated food must exclude foods previously served to the public.

Food Drives:
Itascans can help feed their hungry neighbors by organizing food drives in their schools, businesses, and places of worship. Please join in and help us feed hungry men, women, and children.

The most needed foods are:

  • canned soup

  • canned chili

  • canned stew

  • canned chicken

  • canned pasta (spaghetti o's, ravioli, etc)

  • ramen noodle

  • dry pasta

  • spaghetti sauce

  • canned tomatoes (diced, whole peeled, crushed, etc)

  • sugar

  • diapers (sizes 4, 5, and 6)

  • cereal

  • canned pet food

  • pinto beans

What type of food do you accept?
We accept shelf stable food including pet food.
Do you take clothing and household appliances?
We do not accept clothing or appliances.

Donate Funds:

Your gift will be put to use helping to provide food for people in need. The food pantry does not pay a salary to any employees and the village donates the space and utilities; therefore, we are very proud of the fact that almost all of the money goes directly to the recipients. (We pay for office supplies and other supplies as needed to keep things running.)

Donate Online: 
Making your gift online is the most immediate way to put your dollars to work.

Donate by Mail:
Mail your check to:
Greater Itasca Food Pantry
P.O. Box 202
Itasca, IL 60143

Do I have to donate money?
No, we utilize the money to provide food and other services (such as backpacks and school supplies.) If you would like to donate but don't want to donate money, you can donate other things such as food, your time by volunteering, your talents (organizational skills are always welcome), or even some supplies such as paper and pens.