Itasca Walk-In Ministry

Our impact to the community:
To provide compassionate, effective, non-duplicated emergency assistance to people in need within our community.

We are open on following days.

  • Wednesday  9:30 am - 10:30 am
  • Saturday  9 am - 11 am

Our location: 
336 West Center St.
Itasca, IL 60143



The people of our faith communities and service organizations unite in partnership to serve our community. 

We serve:

  • Residents of Itasca
  • Families with children in Itasca schools
  • Members of Itasca churches
  • Itasca Homeless Shelter clients with a referral
  • Individuals employed in Itasca
  • Travelers on a one-time basis

How do we help


We help by welcoming those who come by listening, assessing needs, and responding. Our response may involve providing access to food or clothing, assistance in essential bill payment such as utilities, housing mortgage or rent, car repairs, or prescriptions. We may provide transportation vouchers or certificates to local businesses. Often we provide a connection to other groups and/or services that may help immediately or in the long term. At no time do we give out cash.

We rely upon


We rely entirely upon volunteers working in teams to assist clients; others serve on the Board of Directors or in an administrative capacity.  Volunteers put their faith into practice in a direct and meaningful way.  Each volunteer receives special training.

We operate


We operate through the generosity and encouragement of Itasca churches, organizations, businesses, municipal offices, and individuals.  These friends are a vital part of the Itasca Walk-In Ministry.

How you can help


We invite you to join us in caring for our neighbors in Itasca.

  • Donate money or time.
  • Represent your church or organization at our meetings.
  • Arrange to have an IWIM speaker for your group/organization.
  • Let us know about jobs that might be available to our clients.
  • Refer those in need to us.
  • Pray for this ministry.

Donate by Mail:
Mail your check to:
Itasca Walk-In Ministry
P.O. Box 142
Itasca, IL 60143